Extraordinary bespoke gates, railings & handrails. Built on a reputation we mean to protect.


Working clean | What do we mean?

Our 'working clean' philosophy started in the kitchen from the realisation that if we were being invited into your home we should leave it cleaner than when we arrived. From this simple idea has grown a philosophy. It covers your home, garden, driveway and our workshops, offices and vehicles.

It's about attitude. We are highly skilled professionals but you need to feel like one to do your best work. What does it mean in practice? A couple of examples...

  • Our bespoke gate & railing installation vehicles are brand new (thats our oldest of 8 vehicles below), have four wheel drive, every conceivable extra and huge awnings to make rainy day work installing gates and railings as easy, and dry, as any other! Safe, rested and valued teams do better work.
  • Our forge is a bright, immaculate and well thought out space stuffed with technology. Our skills are traditional, witness our 1911 restored lathe, but we combine that with the best technology to make sure things run smoothly. 

We strive to avoid chaos basically, it's worked so far!