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What Happens After You Book | Bespoke Gates & Railings

  1. Firstly you will receive a booking confirmation from the booking team within 48 hours, usually quicker.This will be in writing, and may tumble into your junk folder, please do check there.
  2. If we need to make a secondary survey visit this will then be booked in, where detailed measurements and groundworks survey. This is the stage to highlight any underground services {water/gas/electric} that run near the installation position. It is a good opportunity to discuss timeline, and any preparatory works that will be needed onsite before our visit. If other trades are involved, it is a good time to invite them into the dialogue. 
  3. Our CAD {technical drawing} & design team will work with you to design the your bespoke project. Bear in mind that if you make additions or changes that elevate the design away from the scope of your original quote, we will advise you about additional costs so that you can budget accordingly. If the parameters of the original quote are retained, then the price will not differ of course! 
  4. You then have time to consider your technical drawings, and check measurements too. One approved in writing, we move onto the next stage.
  5. Materials will be ordered and your work will be placed into the fabrication workflow. Much like other services and construction businesses we have a lead time. This is estimated at the point of quoting, and will extend depending on timeline between quote and design approval.
  6. There will then be a period of quiet from us, as we await your fabrication slot in the busy workshop diary. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. We have a skilled operations team to guide you through the process. Katy & Matthew are always on hand too!
  7. Once fabrication is underway, we are in a place to estimate your installation. We will give you a 14 day window, we will reduce this down to a 5 day window as your project reaches the finishing stage.
  8. We then carry out a dry fit, where all eyes in the workshop check your project, and line it up as it will be onsite. This is to check all overlaps, joins, hinge points etc. 
  9. Whats finishing?This is a 2-3 week period - the hot galvanisation treatment, powder coat or hand painting {whats the difference?}
  10. Approximately a  week before we see you, you will be given your day of installation. Where possible we will give you more notice than this. There will be scope to nudge your installation on a few days if this is not convenient. Sadly due to workflow, and being fair to those who have booked before you, we cannot bring you forward. We do not take extra payment for fast track services, our products are bespoke, it is a craft!
  11. Your project will likely take 1/2 a day - to a full day to install. You will need to be available onsite to greet us, preferably stay onsite, but certainly see us off at the end of the installation. We will need power in most cases. Larger projects are staggered, with multiple installations {normally agreed in the earlier stages}
  12. After installation your lifetime fabrication {metal work} and 5 year parts and labour {woodwork} warranty starts.