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Lifetime Fabrication Warranty | Bespoke Gates & Railings

Our bespoke gates & railings are Blake & Bull 'Originals' made by Marcus, Neil and their team in our own forge. That is why we have such confidence in how they are made. Not only do we have the most skilled staff, learn more about our team here, but we build our gates and railings right. We prefer solid bar, not flimsy tube, wherever possible for example. 

Our lifetime fabrication warranty is simple and reassuring. We build our gates and railings using traditional methods. They will essentially last forever if looked after a little.

If a joint breaks or a hinge falls off we'll repair it. Whether you've had the gate 3 months or 10 years. This does only cover faults with our fabrication not accidental damage or deterioration caused by lack of maintenance. If a delivery driver has had a little accident we'll know! 


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Solid bar bespoke gates & railings