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Electric gates | Automated for your driveway

The majority of our driveway gate installations include automation. It's not really seen as a luxury anymore, there are lots of good reasons to install your beautiful new gates with automation. In terms of comfort we all agree that clambering out of your car in the rain is less than fun. More seriously though automation vastly improves your security and that of your car and home. 

Getting out of the car to open the gates, leaving it running, is an obvious problem. Once on the drive though will you really close the gates, still less padlock them, every time? If you don't then your home security is compromised too. Securely shut gates stop a casual intruder, prevent the hacking of your car keys and stop dogs and toddlers running into the road! Lets look at the options.

Types of gate automation

  • Underground hidden motor units. Sometimes known as 'frog' units the motors and gearing are hidden underground. These require some groundworks (holes in the ground + concrete!) but are the best long term solution. We can quote for the groundworks or provide detailed specifications to your contractors.