Extraordinary bespoke gates, railings & handrails. Built on a reputation we mean to protect.


Bespoke Garden Gates | Fine UK craftsmanship

Choosing custom garden gates from Blake & Bull is choosing meticulous workmanship, quality design and friendly service.

Everything is handcrafted in our Wiltshire forge by a team with decades of experience who love what they do. We use traditional techniques to create pieces with character and longevity. Why buy Blake & Bull?

Wrought Iron gates can make your house look more beautiful, make it safer and increase its value. Your Blake & Bull bespoke commission will do all three. We'll talk you through the design options carefully and make sure all conservation and building regulations are met.

We handle delivery & installation ourselves. Our lifetime fabrication warranty and happy ongoing support, should you need it, give peace of mind.

custom wrought iron gates

Everything 'in house'

You'll only deal directly with us; we don't 'outsource' or 'subcontract' any part of the design, manufacture or installation of your custom gates.

We design wrought iron gates that last a lifetime (we even guarantee it!) by focusing on quality materials, expert craftsmanship and attention-to-detail.

This attention to detail also extends to the design of your iron gates. We are very adaptable on this but a good reference point are the classic heritage ironwork design periods of Georgian; Victorian/Gothic and Edwardian.

We are flexible of course, so feel free to supply example imagery and drawings of the most ornate garden gates you can imagine to keep our designers on their toes!

Made-to-Measure Garden Gates

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here at Blake & Bull. We ensure each set of wrought iron gates is made to measure for your garden.

The order process is simple, starting with approximate measurements to provide pricing before we can arrange a site visit for more accurate measurements - we’ve outlined the exact steps in our bespoke order process guide

This personal approach means we can avoid any nasty surprises when we come to fitting the wrought iron gates after production.
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Start your Journey

We are based in the South West but install custom gates across England and Wales (we hope to be able to do the whole of the UK soon!), please get in touch and we can discuss logistics as we are in some areas more than others!

Whether you want a functional set of modern driveway gates or a set of ornamental Victorian gates, we'll work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you are picturing.

If you need guidance though we can steer you towards classic designs of course! Let’s have a chat and work it out. Marcus is always happy to natter!