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About Garden, Gate & Railing by Blake & Bull

"I'm Matthew, welcome! Blake & Bull is my attempt to build the perfect company. Not the biggest, nor the richest. Perfect in the things that matter to me. A company built for the long term, beautiful work, a professional (but jolly!) team. Everything done well. 

Blake & Bull started in the kitchen and first built its reputation as restorers of Aga range cookers. Working with old cookers, installed as long ago as 1941, required a fabrication department skilled in traditional techniques. From this our garden, gate & railing range has grown organically. Two of the team were gatemakers before joining Blake & Bull and collectively have four decades of experience.

A customer buying a gate today may buy a reimagined Aga range cooker in 10 years. Their children could re-enamel that same cooker 20 years later. We are family owned. We think and plan in generations, not financial quarters. 

We're now nearly 50 people in 3 buildings across 2 sites. We have the forge, purpose built offices, a CAD and 3d modelling studio and a fleet of 11 vans zooming around.

To build this and maintain our extraordinary reputation, we have over 21,000 reviews, takes a super professional team with the deep expertise only long serving staff have. 

Blake & Bull is my life's work, I'm unashamedly proud of it. I'd love you to choose us. Whether you need a simple side gate or multiple span estate railings you'll get the same service. Thanks for dropping in!"