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Solid Oak & Hand Forged Iron Gates - Fully Automated

Traditional carpentry and blacksmithing craft meets smart tech automation, we are extremely proud of this installation. This is phase 1of a larger project which will be completed this summer.


These monumental gates were handcrafted by our carpenter Ali {he also made our showroom kitchen} in solid European oak. They are treated with an exterior wax oil. The joints are mortice and tenon, and the detailing routed by hand. The screws are solid brass.

Fully Automated they can be controlled by remote or by smart phone. The client can see when they are open and closed on their device, and even open/close them themselves from remote locations as needed. 

Automated solid OAK gates with hand beaten iron work made in the UK by Blake & BullThe gates are adorned with hand beaten ironwork, a labour of love for our traditional blacksmith Joe. It is an art to get just the right amount of undulations and peaks in the jet black iron. Joe has also handmade the square topped bolts, making them entirely unique to the client. They are something to behold in their own right. 

Not all the metal work is visible. We cannot give away all the details as Mark & Marcus have engineered something quite special, a 'Blake & Bull Original' idea, testament to the skills that abound in our workshop! But we can tell you that we have created invisible but super strong reinforcement bars, that host the motor for the automation.

Attaching the motor with screws would certainly be quicker, but the screws may yield under the pressure over time. We create with longevity in mind, these are heirloom gates. Maybe one day Marcus {our designer and fabricator} will stroll past with his grandchildren to admire!

Automated solid OAK gates with hand beaten iron work made in the UK by Blake & BullAffectionately referred to as 'the lolly pop' by Ali & Jay {the carpenters}, the rounded topper on these gates has an arts and crafts air about it. 

Hats off too to the stone mason on site who built the pillars that flank the gates around our heavy steel work supports. The 150x150 steel uprights, completely utilitarian in appearance support the weight. The mason managed to lay the stone within mm's of our final measurement, that is very nearly impossible to do with natural stone. 

What a team! We cannot wait for phase 2.

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