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Mirror Image - Matching Early 20th Century Railings With Monogram

'Hi Marcus, The gates look amazing now they're all finished. I'm so pleased with them and thank you for doing such a brilliant job!' K.H May '22

The railings pictured below are both 100 years old, and one month old - can you spot which ones? We hope not! We have carefully taken the original scale, design and motif and diligently replicated it.

iron railings handmade railings blacksmith steel railingsThis Blake & Bull installation is part of a wider property and landscaping project at this period property in a small village in Warwickshire.

The property used to be a local HQ {the owner suspects}, the railings are adorned with a monogram 'HQ' that we had to carefully scale draw, design and replicate faithfully. We love it! 

This is the finished piece in its uncoated state, before it was married up with the other component parts. 

A union of traditional craft and water jet carving these gates make us extremely proud. The skills involved vary from digital draftsmanship to traditional blacksmithing. The pieces pictured here wait patiently for their 'galv bath', a process where hot zinc is layered onto the iron to protect it for another 100 years!

We always galvanise our railings, it is an investment worth making, and may mean that our quotes are that little bit more than just 'painted rails'. But it will mean that the railings will be there for the next generation and their grandchildren too! 

The client had a few obstacles to overcome, like the large tree which limited access solutions, and the crumbling wall that the existing railings were in. The restoration job that was carried out on the wall is a thing of beauty in itself! 

This installation included a smaller pedestrian access gate, a double set of driveway gates and a railing return.

The gates are comprised of cast iron leaf features, iron spindles with sweet 'turned' detail, hand curled iron work, shepherd's crook drop blots, and iron scrolls.

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