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Hand Built Gas Forge - Upgrade

This blog is written to indulge the metal geeks and ironwork enthusiasts amongst you! A celebration of a craftsman's bench if you like.

Our little gas forge has started to show wear, the workshop is so busy! Neil, our talented welder fabricator {see him at work here} has spent two hot days crafting a new forge.

This is the 1/2 way stage, and he'll probably not forgive me for showing it off before the welds are 'finished & linished', but I think that it is a thing of beauty!


The forge is surrounded by the traditional and modest tools of the trade, and the bench below has the patina that only hours and hours of metal craft can create. 

You can see the old forge in action here, heating the metal in this neat little box, fuelled by gas, allows us to persuade the iron into all sorts of hand beaten scrolls, panels, and bars for our bespoke gates and railings.

Neil has taken great care to soften the join and sharp edges of the forge, even the most utilitarian of things can be made beautiful. I particularly like the hinge construction. This is how we work, quietly, methodically and with pride. No client will see or feel the quality of it in real life. But it still matters, the chaps take pride in all that they do and will always aim for the finest finish - no compromises!


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