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BIG gateposts made to last

These two enormous custom gateposts, installed in Walton on Thames, Surrey, are the first part of a much larger project that includes not just the gates to hang from these hinges but also railings around 2 sides of the property to match. The hinge pins sit on unusually extended arms as the gateposts will be surrounded by bricks. A beautiful finish achieved without relying on the bricks to support what will be substantial gates. Proper engineering, thoroughly finished and designed to last forever. This makes us very happy 🙂.

I've highlighted the two posts here along with our installation vehicle and the sophisticated laser level system that makes sure the posts are EXACTLY where they should be!

Custom gateposts in Surrey, Walton on Thames

This picture shows clearly the concrete base that will support the lovely delicate brick pillar. The bricks will play no part in supporting the two heavy gates that will be installed shortly; a key feature for the longevity of this design.

Galvanised steel custom gate post

The posts are installed using a state of the art resin system into the concrete footings. This would stop a tank in its tracks!

Gatepost bespoke installed with resin bolts