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Bespoke Modern Railings & Gates - To Match Drainpipes & Doors In Essex

Mr L & Family have recently landscaped their garden, giving them different zones to enjoy. With the palms and the light aspect, it feels like a little bit of paradise.

Each and every one of the circles is placed by hand and welded into place. The skilled planning and technical drawing stage is so important here, to make sure that the circles are placed evenly, and the gate just the right width so that there are no unsightly and uneven gaps. These things take time to get right - its what we do!

This installation has dog bars, these are smaller bars towards the lower section of the gate that stop smaller canines escaping. Particularly useful on front gates, boundary gates, and for garden zones like this. It means that you have eat your BBQ food in relative peace without the family hounds begging for a morsel.

The client worked with us to match the project to their existing rain water downpipes and guttering, and external doors.

After installation the clients found themselves wanted to hold the gate open on occasions {when the pup was safely ensconced indoors}. Joe our black smith hand twisted a sweet little drop latch, that will gently drop onto the gate once pulled back against the wall. This means that wheel barrows and bins can be given free access without the gate bouncing back.

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