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'Fetch Your Waders, We Are Getting In The Water!' A Bridge To A Special Place

'Blake & Bull were swift and efficient in their approach to the work they did at our home. They arrived exactly as promised and did an excellent job which we are delighted with.' Maxine, Early Spring 2022


Quite a special job this one. We were invited to build a new bridge to a small island that is a place of contemplation and reflection for Maxine. She was unable to access the spot for sometime, so she invited us to make a sweet little bridge on which she could traverse the stream. 

Handforged metal bridge & handrail made in the UKA simple little idyll where life's worries can wash upstream, we loved being invited to help Maxine.

Ramps railings handrails for access to property bespoke and handmade in the UKOn a practical note powder coating is the perfect finish in this scenario, as it is more resilient to small wear and tear that can let in water versus hand painting. Maxine can enjoy this sweet little handrail for many more years with no need to re-coat. I suspect she'll get a heron or too using it as a watching post too! 

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