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A Blooming Lovely Gate

'Thank you Katy & Luna as well as the rest of your surveying, ironwork and installation team! It's been a real pleasure working with Blake & Bull. watching it all come together and keeping in touch through regular emails and notifications as the project neared completion. The quality of the materials and the ironwork is superb whilst the installation was very professional and quick. 

My very specific design requirements {which I needed to match a previously installed gate} were exactly met and the price quoted, whilst not cheap, was understandable and {in retrospect} well worth the money. Wishing Blake & Bull all the best for the future!' Mr A.Z | 2022

What a joy is have been to work with Mr Z on this bespoke gate project. We were invited to create a bespoke gate for the front path, keeping the design in keeping with existing ironwork at the property. 

We are extraordinarily lucky to have Joe amongst our team, a traditionally trained blacksmith.

When I visited the forge the work stood out on the bench, sometimes I become a right nuisance photographing the chaps as they work away! This photo shows the pre 'fettling' stage, after all the welds are made we work carefully around every nook of each project to smooth and bevel the welds for perfection!

Creating carefully thought out bespoke pieces that resonate with our clients is a real privilege. Thank you Mr Z!

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